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changing content width for tiled image gallery

The short version of the question is this.  How do I change the content width of a post?  Now, a bit more detail.

Why I'm trying to do this is to get the tiled image gallery that is part of the Jetpack plugin to take up the full width of the page.

I asked about it here in the WordPress forums:


And in theory it's resolved in this thread:


However I have yet to find the correct way to write the code or the correct place to put the code or both to make this change.  Can anyone explain please?

Ideally I'd like to be able to set it up so that the code applies globally, but if it has to be done to pages & posts on an individual basis then I can live with that.

Here is an example of a page where the tile gallery is not filling the entire available space.


Thank you very much.


  • The plugin generates a fixed width container of 640px wide with sub container also fixed width of 635px, and all images have fixed sizes, so the only way it can get bigger is if you have a setting to make the plugin create bigger container. Ideally to be responsive it should generate all it sizes in percentages

    because it is not responsive (does not adapt to reduction in browser width) so il will surely cause problems on mobile.

    If the options are not there in the plugin, they would have to add them in, or you would have to find a better plugin that is responsive


  • Boo.  That makes me sad.  I really like the tiled gallery.  It's always something.  Thank you for the quick response.
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    You should bring it to the attention of the developer and see what they have to say.

    Not being responsive is becoming a serious flw in a plugin, it is in their interest to change that.

    I am also surprised they would not have a setting to change the width of their content, even if not responsive (dynamically adaptive), they must be allowing some way to decide what fixed width to make their content.

  • That page didn't say  much about JetPack that causes the problem (not being able to set the width). But I'm glad you got your problem fixed. I looked at the page the gallery is on and it loads very slowly because of all the large images. It's not really worth the wait.
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