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Weaver Pro II Help!....Plugin "Meteor Slideshow"

Hello All,

Really need help on this and can not figure it out for the life of me...or, can find any direct fixes...
Installed "Meteor Slideshow".....
Created two "slides"...(two separate images) set as "featured" as instructed...they show up in my "Slides"....in Meteor Slideshow main menu under slides....but....
Tried to insert "slideshow" on homepage first.....  pasted this - [meteor_slideshow] in HTML view of editor on page.
Get nothing but a blank white space above content....below where header image used to be ("Header Hidden" in theme options...Just in case....either way, didn't matter).
So, what am I missing?.... I have done just as plugin website instructed.
Also tried to insert Meteor Slideshow into a side bar when I open the "widget" to configure it..... All it has within "Meteor Widget"is two boxes to enter info; "Title" and "Metadata"....There is no place to enter "Slide Name"....?? 

PLEASE...If anyone has EXACT step-by-step..."Layman's Terms (simple to understand") instructions on how to:

1) Place "slideshow" within page content (Weaver Pro II)
2) Placing "slideshow" as a "Header Image" (replacing header image completely)
[where to exactly place codes, Html and/or CSS, etc.]
3) And.... Placing image into "side bar widget area"

I WOULD BE internally and graciously THANKFUL :-)

I am using WordPress Ver. 3.4.1
Weaver Pro II Ver. 1.1.4

and the following plugins installed & activated:

Broken Link Checker
Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades
Favicon Rotator
Flexi Pages Widget 
Google Analytics for WordPress
Image Widget
Meteor Slides
Shortcodes Ultimate
Simple Social Buttons
Ultimate TinyMCE
Ultimate TinyMCE Google Webfonts Addon
W3 Total Cache
WordPress HTTPS
WordPress SEO
Thanks Stephan


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    First, from your description, it doesn't sound like you have created an actual slideshow yet - it appears that you have only created the two slides.  So, create a slideshow (eg call it "homepage" - without the quotation marks) and put the two slides in it by editing each slide - you'll now see the homepage slideshow listed in the slide - simply put a tick in the selection box next to homepage and re-save the slide.  Repeat for each slide in your slideshow.

    Next, edit the home page of your site.
    1) Under Weaver II Options - tick "Hide Standard Header Image"
    2) Under "Add New Custom Field" drop down the list under "Name" and select "header" for the left-hand box.  In the right-hand box type [meteor_slideshow slideshow="homepage"]
    3) Click the Add Custom Field box and finally re-save/update your home page.

    Now you should have the slideshow working on your home page.

    This answers your first and second questions - we can move on to your third question once you get the home page slideshow working :-)

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    deleted as inacurate

  • @scrambler - I do use Meteor Slides and you don't need to go the php route as Weaver II has support for Meteor Slides built in - all that @the7thdream needs to do is follow my directions above to get the slideshow working on his site.

  • OK, I removed the post , thanks :)


  • Gillian..... Thanks for your response

    after I wrote my first initial post.... I discovered by way of another video I watched that I needed to actually add a Slideshow Name and the pics to it....(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzkcmESTa0g)

    That figured out.... even watching the video.....Still does not work!!

    So, came across your response....renamed the slideshow to "homepage" and as follows

    "Next, edit the home page of your site.
    1) Under Weaver II Options - tick "Hide Standard Header Image" DONE
    2) Under "Add New Custom Field" drop down the list (On the page itself?.....That's where I went) under "Name" and select "header" for the left-hand box (There is no "Header" in the left-hand box....Just the following; ttw-hide-header-image, 
    ttw-hide-on-menu, ttw-hide-page-title OR ttw-hide-site-title...No Header in that box
    ).  In the right-hand box type [meteor_slideshow slideshow="homepage"] Tried to create "Header" in left hand box and save it and all it gave me was a "blank" header even tough I typed in the "right-hand" box the code ([meteor_slideshow slideshow="homepage"])
    3) Click the Add Custom Field box and finally re-save/update your home page. (Did That...didn't work....blank header on page)"

    So basically....right back where I started except I did create and name the "slideshows"

    Thank You
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    I think I misled you re creating the custom field ... do this instead

    1) edit your site's home page
    2) scroll down to the Custom Fields section (below where you enter text)
    3) click on the small "Enter new" link
    4) in the Name field write "header" (without the quotation marks)
    5) in the Value field write [meteor_slideshow slideshow="homepage"]
    6) click on the Add Custom Field button
    7) click on the Update button as usual to save the changes to your page

  • Gillian & Scrambler,

    Again thank you for your reply and trying to help....I did this exactly (as before)...Still nothing....nothing in the widget either.

    Why am I having to go through this with Weaver Pro???.....When it seems other WP users have no problem getting Meteor or even NextGen to work on their themes?..... Why do you have to go through all this just to get this plugin to even show on a page (let alone as a header image or widget....Which by the way don't work either!)... Why is this?.....When all directions and tutorials on the web say otherwise?....a few steps and it works...but not if you are running Weaver Pro.

    I am a little bit frustrated that:

    1) I actually PAID for this theme instead of using the "free" version.... with less complications (free version).

    2) That there seems to be no clear instructions on using plug-ins that Weaver "suggest" to use with it's theme....or even setting up the theme "out-of-the-box."

    3) That I always seem to be having to enter more CSS/Html code to my pages or appearance modules to get any plug-in or my theme to work correctly (more so then other themes I have used).

    4) No real "updated" instructions to the version I have 1.1.4

    5) What works or is supposed to work for other Weaver theme users doesn't work on my version....even after "clearing caches" or even deactivating W3...or using the same directions

    6) I shouldn't have to spend hours (actually spent ALL day yesterday) searching for answers to installing/configuring/using a plug-in that is supposed to work with my Weaver Pro theme "right-out-of-the-box."....even when the Plug-in author says it should after I contact them.

    So my dilemma is that I paid for a theme that is too complicated and has NO video tutorial, NO precise clear instructions on using the "most popular and used" plug-ins AND That Weaver SUGGEST to use, and has no easy directions or fixes for simple installment of code or html.

    I first tried using NextGen Slides....It was easier to create a slide show on the page itself and It actually showed up on my page....but no clear instructions on "centering the slides" or on replacing the "header" image (not the Header; title/description)......another flaw in using Weaver Pro....no one had an exact fix.....just suggestions that didn't work.

    So basically I spent my whole day yesterday......searching for a reason why when I applied the directions for using Meteor that others used and it seemed to work fine for them.....That it didn't work for me...and having to search for another plug-in that "might" work.....And ended up not working at all (Meteor).

    I thank you all for trying to help, but I am about ready to remove Weaver completely and use a better and easier to use theme that has more supplied support and updated "SIMPLE" instructions.

    Unless I can get a correct way to install this plug-in in the next day or two (it shouldn't even have to take that).....Weaver will definitely will be a "bad memory" as I the use the best keystroke on my computer - "DELETE"

    Thanks Stephan
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    I can understand being frustrated when not getting something to work, but I am afraid your problem right now has nothing to do with weaver.

    If your slideshow was created properly, just putting the Slideshow shortcode inside the content box of a simple page would display it. If that does not work, then something is wrong with the way the sliedeshow is created or the plugin install, but weaver has nothing to do with it.

    So the focus right now should just be to succeed in defining a slideshow using the plugin and inserting it in the easiest content area which is the content of a page. This ensures that only meteor slides is in question. Once you get that working then we know you have a valid and working slideshow and the rest will be easy.

    If you canot succeed to create a working slideshow in the basic content area of a page following the plugin directions, may be @gillian or @robfoster who are both sucessfull users of this plugin can walk you though the creation steps to see where you may have gone wrong.

  • I followed the instructions on the meteor website and on the weaver website and it works exactly as its supposed to, I'm not sure what else to add.
  • Thank You Scrambler,

    I have tried several ways of "inserting" ANY type of slideshow plug-ins in the last 24 hours...and only one worked halfway (NextGen).....And the only problem with that was I couldn't figure out how to center it...even after following directions given by the developer...we could not get it to work....Their claim was it was a Weaver Theme issue.

    And as far as following the directions of use, I have followed them to a "T"..... even going step by step as Gillian referred to in her last response....still nothing....I even went as far as (again) scaling the pictures exactly as it was in my Meteor 
    settings before uploading them and of course my images looked like crap in the size they were before I (tried) to insert in the slider header, page or widget areas...but I thought perhaps that had something to do with it. I even went as far as uninstalling Meteor....uploading through my FTP....unpacking on my PC and loading in my WP contents/plugins...but still it would not install any pictures....just a blank "white" spot where the slider should be.....every single time I inserted the code [meteor_slideshow slideshow="homepage"] in either "visual or html editor"...nothing!

    I have followed the developers video, other users videos and written instructions that I could find on the web (far and few between at that)...So "simple" they state...."Create slideshow & name it, upload images to that slideshow, insert code in page as follows:[meteor_slideshow slideshow="homepage"]....Presto! You now have a "slideshow" on your page...nothing is stated about changing "Custom Fields Section".....Rewriting css/html codes or having to go through a hundred steps in "Weaver Admin" area to just get it to work.... So, am I missing something?

    So, have I tried everything, researched website after website on making MS (or any other slideshow plug-in work)?.... YES... I have spent more time working on just this one issue then getting my online store back up and running.....So, I am basically losing money....All for a simple way to showcase products....What a massive disappointment....So...Is it the theme itself?..... I say "positively yes."

    I am now looking at either "Artisteer" or "ThemeFrame" now...I understand they have better "support" and less issues....even if I have to pay more and download a desktop server for TF.

    As far as Weaver Pro is concerned?.... Well....Didn't know I had to jump through hoops just to get a simple (and suggested) well-used plug-in to work on my site...without having to know CSS/HTML coding or where to even insert it within the Weaver Theme admin areas/pages.

    I do Thank you all for those who have tried to work through this with me.
    Funny thing is I haven't even heard a word back from the developer themselves on this issue at all...and as stated before...Lousy "latest and updated" version instructions or any video support at all.

    That is why most WP users use plug-ins....They don't want to be a "rocket scientist" or "website developer" to get a simple website up and running and have to study and know HTML or CSS, PHP!

    P.S....Noticed Gillian says she now uses "Wp Photo" in another post under plugins.....wonder what that is all about?
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    Well I decided to give it a shot, and here the step by step of me creating my first meteorslides Slideshow in Weaver.

    Created 3 pictures (image1, image2, image3) same sizes in my case 250 x 187

    Appearance > Plugin > Add New > Meteor Slides, installed and activated Meteor Slides 1.5

    Went to Slides > Add New
    Title put in slide1
    Clicked Set featured image > Selected file image1 on computer > Clicked Use as featured Image (not insert in post)
    At the bottom of the Slideshows Area (bottom right side of the page) Clicked add new Slideshow > Entered the name slideshow1> Clicked Add New Slideshow , the slideshow1 appears in the list and its checkbox is ticked
    Hit Publish

    Clicked Add New at the top of the page> Title put in slide2
    Clicked Set featured image > Selected image2 file on computer > Clicked Use as featured Image (not insert in post)
    In Slideshows Box on the right, ticked the slideshow1 box
    Clicked Publish

    Clicked Add New at the top of the page> Title put in slide3
    Clicked Set featured image > Selected image3 file on computer > Clicked Use as featured Image (not insert in post)
    In Slideshows Box on the right, ticked the slideshow1 box
    Clicked Publish

    Went to Slides > Settings  On the left
    put 3 in slideshow quantity
    put 187 in slide height (the height of my images)
    put 250 in slide width (the width of my images)
    Put 1 in transition speed
    Put 2 in slide duration.

    Went to Pages > Add New > in the editor box typed
    [meteor_slideshow slideshow="slideshow1"]
    Published the page and you can look at it here
    Link removed no longer valid

    So it looks to me like you either missed a critical step, or something is wrong with your installation.

    if you cannot figure out the step you may have missed, may be delete your slides and slideshow, unsinstall meteor slides. and restart from scratch following the above steps.

    If it still does not work, I would look into deactivating other plugins to see if you have some incompatibility at play

  • Scrambler..

    Thanks so much for working through this with me.....
    Am going to follow step by step instructions you supplied and give it another go....
    Guess I will have to upload Meteor (again...for the 4th time) :-)

    Also, are you scaling or cropping any of your images "before" you upload them to a slideshow? I have tried that to see if it was a problem...didn't seem to matter...no images showed up anyways. Does it matter if they are GIF, PNG, JPEG?....I wouldn't think it would.

    One more thing...if I get this to work on a single page......where would I insert the "<?php if ( function_exists( 'meteor_slideshow' ) ) { meteor_slideshow(); } ?>    And where would I insert my "slideshow name" within that code?

    Do you know of any incompatibility issues with any of the plug-ins I am using mentioned in the original post above? 

    BTW nice site :-)
    I'll get back to you....


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    I used regular jpeg files, jus made sure they were all the same size (although meteor slides does not require it), and noted their size so I could put it in the Slides Settings.

    Apparently you do not need <?php if ( function_exists( 'meteor_slideshow' ) ) { meteor_slideshow(); } ?>   anywhere. You only need to insert the shortcode with the name of the slideshow you created Like

    [meteor_slideshow slideshow="slideshow1"]

    If you get your slideshow working in a simple page, come back with where you want to put it in the page, if you want it on all pages or a specific one, and we can help explain where the shortcode should go.

    I have not used that mix of plugins so I cannot know of any incompatibility, compatibility issues can only be tested by either deactivating plugins one by one and testing in between, or deactivating all at once, and if it works, re activating one by one testing in between.

  • Well Scrambler.....
    This is the the result...... AGAIN! See here: https://engravedelegancenorthwest.com/contact-us/

    Followed your instructions to the letter!!

    Re-sized my images...create the slides, the slideshow name...everything EXACTLY like you wrote...and the others.... same problem.

    I am done....finished!
    I even went in and ticked off my other plug-ins and checked compatibility issues....same thing even after clearing cache every time.

    Done with Weaver....going to use another more reliable theme.

    I have wasted too much of my valuable time on this and even if I have to take another day now to re-install and configure another theme...So be it.... I have found Weaver "Pro" to be exactly that....made for Website Developers DESIGN "PRO's" and "rocket scientist!"...without instructions.

    I DO Thank YOU so much for your support, help and patience and of which. the "patience" part I have run out of.


  • JoyJoy
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    The slideshow is there on your page, but the images are not visible, as that is the default. Apparently the script is not running. I don't see it loaded in the header. The problem is definitely not the theme.
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    I know you want to blame someone for your frustration, but if you have something corrupting your installation and not allowing the plugin to work dumping weaver may not solve anything for you.

    As Joy says, your slideshow is in the page just not running. I would make the quick test of desactivating all plugins except meteor slides and see if it changes things.

    Now if you do not like Weaver's functionnality as a theme it is a different issue and feel free to explore other ones.

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    @the7thdream wrote:
    P.S....Noticed Gillian says she now uses "Wp Photo" in another post under plugins.....wonder what that is all about?

    In case you are still viewing this thread, Stephan, I use Meteor Slides exclusively for my header slideshows (I have a number of different slideshows which I use on different pages of my site).

    I use WP Photo Plus for my image galleries, and slideshows running off those image galleries, that I display in page content.

    In other words, the two plug-ins have different features and I use them for different purposes.

    My final advice regarding your issues with Meteor Slides is, as @scrambler says, deactivate all other plug-ins as a test because it is clear that you have a conflict/interaction (or possible corruption) in your installation.  Josh, the Meteor Slides author, is extremely helpful when it comes to his plug-in "not working" with any theme and if you post on his WordPress Forum he will help you to troubleshoot the issues.

  • Hi, just now I was having the same problem as @the7thdream -- then I deactivated my other plugins as you suggested and it worked. The conflict was with the plugin "Featured Items Slider." I deactivated that alone and presto bingo -- except it still doesn't work in Posts (works as a widget and in Pages). 

    It might be fine that it's not working in posts. Ultimately what I would love is to have a slider appear on the top of my recent posts page -- which is my main page -- and ONLY on that page (I think Tin House does a lovely job with this). My thinking was to put Meteor Slider in a sticky post, but since it's not working for posts, I'm wondering if there is another solution, such as to create a new page template and embed the Meteor template tag. Does that make sense? 

    I don't know what I'm talking about. I can do all the research for how to do it, but I'm not sure it's a do-able thing. 

    Thanks for your amazing patience.
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    Thanks for adding your experience to this thread.

    As for your specific issue, The first thing to test would be to put the slideshowm shortcode of a working slideshow in a simple test page, and give us the link to it if it does not work.

    But please open a New thread so we can work with you on it separately from this one, and so that you can accept answer. We will be happy to help in your new thread.



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    scrambler .. I use this code before [meteor_slideshow slideshow="homepage"] and it worked on my Weaver II PRO 1.1.7 .. I stuck the code in the Advanced Section <Head> section and then I hide the Header in the Main Options menu.   Now I cannot figure how it worked before and not now. 

    What am I missing?  My slideshow is named "homepage".


  • The code goes in Advanced options > HTML Insertion > Site Header Insert Code  box
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