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Weaver Xtreme versus Weaver II

Being a long time user of the Weaver II theme, having taken active participation in the forum, and tested Weaver Xtreme while it was in Beta, I thought I would make a quick review of the differences between Weaver II and the new Weaver Xtreme theme.

First make sure you read http://weavertheme.com/weaver-xtreme-vs-weaver-ii/

This review is for people who already know weaver’s previous theme Weaver II (and Aspen).
For people who are new to Weaver themes, you can read a global review of the theme here  http://forum-archive.weavertheme.com/discussion/10381/weaver-xtreme-review-overview#Item_1

Also make sure to visit the site home page http://weavertheme.com/weaver-xtreme/

And the Demo site here: http://demo.weavertheme.com/

Weaver II is a reference in customizability and its developer (AKA Weaver on this forum) has confirmed that it will continue to be supported for bug fixes through 2015.

That being said, if you start a new site today, you should probably consider Weaver Xtreme, as it is the latest generation, builds on the strengths of its predecessor while improving in many areas and adding more powerful features.

Some of the features below are in the “plus” plugin. Hopefully there will be a side by side comparison on the weaver forum at one point to clarify that. For the sake of simplicity, this compares Weaver II Pro with Weaver Xtreme + “plus” plugin

0- Theme Structure.

Basic Theme (Weaver Xtreme) is free. It requires the Addition of the "Weaver X Theme support" plugin (also free) for many add-ons like shortcodes and such.

Advanced Features come with the licensed "Plus" Plugin

So free base theme:
OLD: Weaver II + Weaver II Theme Extras Plugin >> NEW: Weaver Xtreme + Weaver X Theme Support

Advanced version:
OLD: Weaver II Pro + Weaver II Theme Extras Plugin >>  NEW: Weaver Xtreme + Weaver X Theme Support + "Plus" plugin

1- User Interface:

Because Weaver II has several years of development under its belt, it has accumulated a number of features over these years and in some cases, they have contributed to a less than optimal user interface. Some things can be a bit hard to find at first and some features do not always apply to all they could.

Weaver Xtreme being a complete rewrite, the user interface has been streamlined considerably. Options are grouped and laid out in a very logical and rational way. Common settings or features are presented in the same way across all areas.

Globally you have less options pages, yet more functionality.

2- Key new or improved features in Xtreme:

  • Everywhere you have text settings you get the same set of options for Size (with presets), Family (new font stacks), bold, Italic
  • New simpler support for external fonts like Google Fonts or Font Squirrel
  • All main areas have the same full set of options for paddings (T,B,R,L); margins (T,B); border; shadow; custom class.
    Site width areas add, Width constrain (% or max-width); alignment; “Hide on device” choices.
  • Sidebar width options (L, R, Split L, split R), changeable at the page level.
    Sidebars can also stack above content not just below on mobile.
  • New Flow Color to the bottom (content and sidebar height equalization) that can handle dynamic content
  • Widget areas (header, footer, sidebars, page…) have the basic option to set any number of adaptive columns for their widgets. The theme will automatically adjust the number of columns on smaller screen so they do not become too narrow.
    -- “Plus” adds the ability to define Custom widget widths for total layout freedom, you can define different layout for desktop, small tablets and phones.
    -- You also have the option to equalize the heights of widgets (or columns) in each row.
    -- You also have the option to hide any area on any combination of devices
    -- Header widget area can me moved in 4 different locations.
    -- New Footer HTML area.
    -- Several New Widget areas.
    -- Widget Area Replacement now available also on single post pages!
  • Menus have extended styling options with separate settings for Primary-menu, secondary-menu, mini menu (new) and extra menus.
    “Plus” Extra menus (shortcode and widget) includes a transition to the slide open mobile menu for horizontal menus, as well as a new vertical menu with accordion style submenu.
  • New layout options for Featured image (pages and posts). Including position (5 choices inside or outside), alignment and size. Independently selectable for page, full posts, excerpted posts and single post page.

3- Transition

In terms of user interface, if Weaver Xtreme has been considerably improved and streamlined, it still follows the same logic as Weaver II, so you will not be lost.

If you have mastered Weaver II UI, you will be at ease with Weaver Xtreme and will have no problem figuring out its options.

In terms of converting existing designs, Weaver Xtreme is a completely new theme, so its structure is somewhat different than Weaver II and you would be starting from scratch. That being said, the active forum member @Joy is making a converter that converts all the Weaver II settings to Weaver Xtreme. There may be some limitations and if you used advanced Custom CSS in your theme some may have to be adapted to the new theme, but it should make it a lot easier to port an existing site to Weaver Xtreme.

You should also take the time to review the new features in Xtreme, and not hesitate to redo some of your design if it could take advantage of them.

EDIT: There is now a Weaver II to weaver Xtreme conversion plugin on Wordpress.org. Below is a tutorial on converting a site using the plugin.


Other beta testers, feel free to chime in :)


  • JoyJoy
    edited April 2015
    There are a few minor things in addition to this list of things that changed from Weaver II to Weaver Xtreme:
    • consistent settings for all major areas
    • major areas have an Add Class option
    • major areas have Hide options (for mobile)
    • major areas have a width option, shadows option, rounded corners option
    • new sidebar layout of stack-on-top (but no more double column layout choice)
    • widget columns option    (but not per layout)
    • new mini-menu and search box in header
    • individual hide options for site title, tagline (lost individual move options)
    • header widget area is styled like other widget areas, position option, no longer site specific options
    • separate color options for each menu, position options are independent
    • choice of search icon
    • more control over featured image placement (lost FI in header based on size of image)
    • option for avatar size
    • style version number is shown in the admin
    • comment section unaffected by rounded corner options
    • lost option to turn off menu effects
    • lost PIE support for shadows and rounded corners on IE8
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